Register of the Householders of the Parish of Ballinrobe, 1783

1786 Ballinrobe documents
John Staunton

Below is a transcript of handwritten notes of Fr. Francis Xavier Blake who was Parish Priest of Ballinrobe in 1783. Unusually, but luckily for us, he decided to undertake a census of the households of the parish while he was here. His original census book is held today in the Galway Diocesan Archive. After leaving Ballinrobe, Fr. Francis Xavier Blake moved to Moycullen. You can learn more about him on the Moycullen Heritage website here.

In total, 701 households are listed in 1783, as compared to 1,157 households in 2022. As you will see from reading below, Fr. Francis Xavier Blake’s census only records the names of the heads of the households i.e. the men. Nonetheless, you will also notice many family names that are still present in the area today.

Register of households

Register of the householders of the parish of Ballinrobe shewing residence (street or townland) and payment of Christmas and Easter dues. The entries in this paper-covered book,* which measures 1\” x5f”, are all in the handwriting of Fr. Francis Xavier Blake, after wards P.P. of Moycullen, and the title page is initialled by him. 12 pp.

Main Street: Redmond Burke, Hugh Monahane, Ed. Jennings (junr), Peter Staunton, Peter Joyes, Patrick Dowdall, Jno. Cusack, Michael Joyes, Matt Sinnett, Laughlin Tuohy, Jno. Richison, Jno. Burke, James Thornton, Ed. Jennings (senr.), Jno. Thornton, Patrick Jennings, Patrick Rymes, Patt Mac Ga[m]an, Farrell Mac Ga[m]an, Henry Cassidy, Barth. MacTeige, James Higgins, Roger Flanelly, Mick Gordon, Mark Staunton, Mick Walsh, Widow Flanagan, JBart. Cunningham. (28)

Common: Laurence Corny, James Coleman, David Hennelly, Bryan Boyle, Jno. Lyons. (5)

Glebe Street: Andrew Mell[o]tt, Anthony Jennings, Patt Burke, Jno. Hogan, Jno Hogan (Taylor), Peter Walsh, Jno. Saunders, Mick Jennings, Owen Collaran, Luke Lyons, Francis Doyle, Luke Kenny, Wm. Jennings, Patt French, Thomas Biggins, Ed O Flaherty, Thomas Monahan, Mark Kelly, Patt Nolan, Mick Flanelly, Bryan Mollahun. (21)

Bridge Street: George Waldron, Patt Waldron, Charles Carr, Patt Darcy (senr.), Patt Morris, Mick O Heir, Mrs. Darcy, Jno. Mulloy {Pub.), Mrs. Edwards, Francis MacGaman, Jno. Mulloy, John Walsh, Joseph Willis, Mick MacDermott, James Liviney. (15)

High Street: John Jennings, Anthony Lynch, Walter Burke, Walter O Mealy, Peter Walsh, Widow Joyce, Owen O Mealy, Wm. Toole, Stephen Collaran, Francis Duradan. Nick Walsh (11)

Creagh Road, Chapel Road, Cornfield Road: <No names given>

Caher & Curramore: Mrs. Martin, Walter Cusack, Jno. O Donnell, Thos Burke, Patt Darmody, Mick Liddane, Philip Cusack, Bryan Brannigan, Jas. Parian, Jas. Brannigan, Jas. Dolane, Laurence Burke, Stephen O Donnell. (13)

Clogher & Coslogh: Thomas O Reilly, Thomas Shaghnassy, James Laven, Anthony Guggane, Hubert Burke, Barth Burke, Wm. Far* ragher. (7)

Cloonecurrane: Patt Philbin, Thomas Flanelly, James Concannon, Hugh Carroll, Thos. Mullowny, Daniel Cambell, Patrick Monahane, Roger Farragher, Thomas Flanelly more, Luke Brillihane, James Brannigan, Jno. Liddane. (12)

Parkgarruff: Richard Feeny, Patt Sheridan, Mathew Sheridan, Thomas Sheridan, Wm. Hishan, Jno. Hishan, Mick Real, Patt Murphy, Patt Duffy. (9)

Curragh: Patt Kieragan, Jno. Kieragan, Francis Kieragan, Jas. Gormully, Ed. Gormully, Andrew Philbin, Thomas Duffy, Thomas Cunniff, Patt Duffy [erased], Mick Hogan, Bryan Boyle, Ed. Murphy, Thomas Goldrick, Thomas O Reilly. (14)

Cloonluffan: Patt Brillihane, Mick Murphy, Richard MacVaddy, Thomas Philbin, Nick Glyn, Wm. Walsh, Thomas Glyn, Denis Hogan, Mark Thomas, Thomas O Reilly [erased], Richard Killeen, Patt MacVaddy, Thomas Jonnen. (13)

Cloonenagh: Owen Lorcan, Patt Casey, Mick Philbin, Peter Killeen, Patt Philbin, Stephen Philbin, David Henahane [erased], Roger Liddane, Mick Flanelly, Owen Boyle, Patt Fenaghty, Jno. Flanelly, Mathias Baghly, Patt Flanelly (senr. & junr.), Denis Flanelly [erased], Jno. MacTeige, Thos. Farraher, Jas. Fahy. (18)

Belatogher: [ ] Philbin, Thomas Corkan, Denis Farraher, Joseph Burke, Thos. Murry, Denis Divin, Peter Hogan, Martin O Neffle. (8)

Killkirane: Jno. Meay, Jas. Meay [? roe], Jas. Meay, Martin. Jas. Meay [? rose], Jas. Meay [? Elinor], Bryan Meay, Mick Meay, Laurence Meay [erased], Martin Meay, Patt Meay, Thomas Meay, James Kearney, Jno. Kenny, Thomas Duddy, Hugh Corkan, Patt Burke, Murdagh Farraher, James Cunningham, Peter Costello, Augustin Hogan, Jno. Mackin, Bryan ‘[? Hon]nelly, Patt Henaham (23)

Gorteen: Wm. Lorrignan, Wm. Cowen, Gill Flyn, Thomas O Neille. (4)

Rahard: Wm. Duradan, Wm. Sullivan, David Flanelly, Mick Walsh, Wm. Shaghnassy, Wm. Madden, Wm. Burke, Jas. Andrews, Thomas Mulloy, Jno. Mellott, Jno. Meay, Wm. Murry, Jno. Duradan. (13)

Cam: Cormac Hughs, Patrick Hughs, Peter Hughs, Nicholas Hughs, Theady Liddane. (5)

Ballinahy: Mrs. Monahane, James Lally, Jno. Sullivan, Andrew Sullivan, Theady Monihane,, Peter Flanelly, James Lally (sawyer), James Sheridan. (8)

Loughmask Road: Edmund MacDermott, Richard Burke, Patt Collaran [erased], Mick Collaran, Jas. Sheridan, Edmund Sheridan, James Meenahane. (7)

Neal Road: Mick Browne, Edmund Lally, Mark Magrath, Wm. Lally, Patt Lyons, Luke Gormully, Richard Swiney, Jno. Joyes, Jno. O* Carroll. (9)

Bonitbbber: Mick Kelly, Mick Hogan, Patt Farraher, James Cassidy, Robert Green, David O Neille. (6)

Racarreen: Mick Burke, Henry Walsh, Jno. Duradan, Patt Mellott, Patt Flanelly, James Gibbons, Patt Gibbons, James Sheridan, Jno. Sheridan, Mick Mellott, Jno. Walsh, Theady Toole, Patt Moran, Henry Walsh, Mathias Lyons, Thomas Hishan, Patt Walsh, Roger Lyons, Richard Walsh, Patt Roche, Mick Conry, Myles F[ee]rick, James Walsh, Jno. Hagarty, Patt Burke, Ed. Mellott, Ed. Conneely, Laurence Duffy, Wm. Flanagan, Luke Sheridan, Patt Kieragan, Patt Higgins, Owen O Mealy. (33)

Cappanavohenane: Thomas Connell, Aug. Toole, Peter Toole, James O Mealy, Denis Colleran, Walt. O Mealy, Ed. Biggins, Jno. Sheridan, Thomas Sheridan, Henry Duradan, Peter Egan, Jno Lyons, Anthony Connell. (13)

Knockriakilluff: P. Browne, Jno. Feeny, Wm. Feeny, Andrew Feeny, Jno. Moran, Andrew Moran, Mick Moran, Thos. Moran, Philip Feerick, Patt Feerick, Mick Feerick, Jno. Feerick, Richard Feerick, Jas. Browne, Nick Coen. (15)

Cloonkerry: Jno. Murphy, Dermott Luke Burke, Wm. Burke, Patrick Ambroge, Mick Flyn, Lau. Sheridan. (6)

Raredmund: Thomas Cuffe (Esq), Anthony Broders, Part Broders, Patt Glyn ” B,” Patt Flyn, Jno. Feerick, Myles Feerick, Patt Feerick, Denis Mealy, Thos. Meenahane, Patt Vaden, Patt Flanagan ” P,” Patt Cahan, Patt Feeny, Martin Murphy, Mick Murphy, Patt King, Bart. Mackin, Lau. Meay, Martin Burke. (20)

Cloonee: Denis Browne (Esq), Thomas Burke, Thomas Geraghty, Theady Moran, Cormac Vaddy ” P,” Patt Feeny, Patt Ambroge, Patt Gibbons, Patt Vaddy, Patt Hanly ” B,” Patt Walsh, Thomas Walsh, Mick Ambroge, Wm. Gibbons, Jno. Hevrin, Mrs. Foster. (16)

Knockglass: Patt Walsh, Luke Mealy, Mick Hevrin, Mick Collaran, James Mulley (sic), Bryan Farrell, Cormac Liddane, Dermott Flanelly, Jno. Gibbons, Patt Burke, Wm. Hevrin, Jas. Hamilton, Patt Dolane, Toby Gibbons, Mark Toole, Dermott Andrews. (16)

Knocklehard: Farrell Loughnane, Jno. O Connor, Patt Joyce, David Andrews, John O Carroll, Jno. Keefe, Thomas Murphy, Patt Flanelly, Jas. Hanly, Myles Andrews. (10)

Knockadune: Thomas Biggins, Patt [? Nill or Nitt], Thomas Keal, Jno. O Flyn, Patt Rogers, Ed. Rogers, David Walsh, Jas. O Mealy, Patt Gormully, Dermott Gormully, Richard Feeny. (11)

Roxborough: Edmund MacAnne, Peter Keal, Laurence Hogan. (3)

Knockricard: Edmund Fahy, Patt Moran, Thomas Moran. (3)

Lisskyleen: Richard Macavilly. (1)

Kilthrown: Patt Hoban, Wm. Burke, Patt Cowen, Thos. Ambroge, Thos. Kelly, Walt. Joyce, Jas. Walsh, Ed. Walsh, Thos Walsh, Patt Connell, Denis Sheridan, Thos. Sheridan, Bryan Sheridan,, Philip Corny, Anthony Hennelly, Thos. Lyons, Patt Mullen, James Mullen, Patt Reilly. (19)

Cloongowla: Myles Feerick, Thomas Syce, Luke Hishan, Martin Hishan, Mick Hishan, Jno. Biggins [erased], Jno. Hennelly, Jno Hen nelly lame, Patt Hennelly, Patt Hennelly bane, Richard Hennelly, Patt Walsh, Peter Walsh, Jas. Cormacan, Patt Gro[n]ill, Francis Dey, Jno. Curreen, Andrew Mackin, Jas. O Brien, Jas. [K]yne, Darby Kyne, Thomas Burke, David Huady. (23)

Knockanotish: Patt MacAnne, Thomas Staunton, Hugh Guggane, Jas. Guggane, Thomas Collaran, Connor Farrell, Patt Farrell, Jno. Biggins, Thomas Hogan, Mick Hishan, Bryan Mullaville, Thomas Anger, Patt Keefe, Jno. Derrig, Laurence Loughnane, Mick Rush (senr. & junr.), Richard Lyons, Jas. Walsh (senr. & junr.), Martin Flanelly, Jno. Morahane, [1 name lost here, page torn]. (21 including lost one)

Fryars Quarter: Mick Walsh, Pat Walsh, Jno. Walsh, Walt. Walsh, Jno. Connelan, James Connelan, Martin Connelan, Jno. Reddington, Ed. Reddington, Matt. O Meaiy, Denis O Mealy, Patt MacManus, Redmond Burke, Peter Mullowny, Thomas Richards, Bryan O Flyn, Laurence Flanelly, James Mellott. (18)

Lavally: Jno. Mellott, Martin Mellott, Mick Mellott, Ulick Walsh beg, Thos. Walsh Ulick, Thomas Walsh, Wm. Walsh, Ulick Walsh, Ricard Walsh, Ed. Sheridan, Ed. Sheridan (smith), Mick Sheridan, Wm, Curreen, Thos. Curreen, Jno. Hoghagan, Thos, Hoghagan, Peter Meay, Thomas Moran, Thos. Moghan, Thomas Cusack, Richard Corry, [paper formally, [ ] Syce. (22)

Russlare: Patt Mullany, Jno. MacDermott, Martin Hilane, Mick Hilane, James Thomas. (5)

Cartoon: Philip MacDermott, Myles Nally, Ed. Nally, Jno. MacPhelim, Patt Bingham, Mick Nestor. (6)

Ballinakilluff: Darby Royen, Wm. Murphy, Patt Murphy, Mick Nestor, Martin O Reilly, Thomas Mooney, Wm. Kivell, James Henahane, Jno. Henahane, Ed. Granagher, Patt O Mealy, Jno. Royan, David Flanagan, Patt Gill, Patt Horan. (15)

Cloonark: John Gill, Wm. Gill, Patt Swiney, James Kilroy, James Royan, Richard Nally, Owen O Neille, Lau. Corny. (8)

Cloonerneen: John Walsh, Wm. Walsh, David Walsh, Walter Conway, Mick Conway, John Hennelly, James Hennelly, Richard Gibbons, Jno. Killkelly, Jno. Gildea (senr. & junr.) (10)

Carrantihane: John Philbin, Thomas Hennelly, Thomas Cavanagh, Peter Cavanagh, Thomas Cavanagh beg, Thomas Joyce, Garrett MacGauly, Jno, MacGauly, Wm. Moghan (senr. & junr.) Patt Moghan, Jno. MacDonogh, Patt MacDonogh, Jno. Hevrin, Jno. MacHugh, James MacHugh, Ed. Sheridan, Jno. Sheridan, John Curreen, Patt. Nestor, Patt Mellott, Anthony Philbin. (21)

Stonepark: Wm. Collaran, James Cavanagh, John Cavanagh [erased], James Ford, Thomas Nestor, Wm. Hevrin, Patt Butler, Theady Nestor, Martin Cavanagh. (9)

Cloonegashel Road: Thomas Curreen, James Curreen, Martin Curreen, Andrew Syce, Walter Flemming, Thomas Flemming, Ed. Cormacan, John Meenahan, Theady Morahane, Ed. Vaden, Jno. Garry, Ambrose Brennan, John Drynan, Theady Drynan, Jno. Conry, Ed. Garry, B. Mullaville. (17)

Caheredmond: John Gibbons, Martin Hynes, Patt Hynes, Patt Joyce, James Lyons, Patt Walsh, Myles Walsh, Mick MacDermott, Bryan Mac Dermott. (9)

Bahan: Richard Feeny, Jno. Hishan, Mick Ginnane, Jno. Riddington, Laurence Staunton, John Grunill, Mick Grunill, Walter Kelly. (8)

Curnarcyah: Patt Burke, James Gallagher, Laurence Gallagher. James Murphy, Thomas Hely, Thomas Huady, James Mullowny, James Garry, Patt Ginnane, Mick Collins, Thomas Walsh, Patt Walsh, James Joyce, Toby Joyce, Jno. Mellott, Laurence Doyle, Roger Conry, Jno. Burke [erased], Mick Morahane, [torn] Morahane, [torn] O Mealy. (21)

Rathnacuppane: James Walsh, Wm. Walsh, Jno. Walsh, Ed. Curreen, Thomas Curreen. (5)

Knocknacrohy: Ed. Walsh, Jno. Hevrin, Wm. Haghtegan. (3)

Ballysonnen: Wm. Noon, Patt Noon, Patt Farragher, Jno. Hughs, Patt Tuohy, Thomas Johnnen, James Johnnen, Thomas Noon, Jonathan Loughnane, James Spillane. (10)

Creggduff: Mick Hennelly, Thomas Hennelly, Thomas Mannen, James Mannen, Wm. Burke, Mick Burke, Theady Shaghnassy, Thomas Duddy, Patt Duddy, Martin Duddy, Daniel MacHugh, Jno. MacHugh, Bryan Sheridan, Jno. Lally, Denis Boyle, Wm. Connell, John Mellott, Thomas Noon, Thomas Kelly, Patt Higgins, Wm. Mongan, Patt Murphy, John Walsh. (23)

Cahernablaha: Laurence Mellott, Wm. Sheridan, Thomas Sheridan, Jno. Sheridan, Laurence O Brien. (5)

Curraghbuy: Laurence Hennelly, Peter Hennelly, Mick Hynes, Wm Hynes, James Hynes, Richard Syce, Daniel Loghnane, Patt Loghnane, Daniel Murahane, Edmond Curreen, Edmund Cormacan. (11)

Killosheen: Theady Hishan, Jno. Gibbons, Denis Higgins, Peter Feerick, Mick Collaran, Rickard Burke, Thomas Flanelly, Patt Feeny, Thomas Rillane. (9)

Neal Road: Edmund MacDermott followed by the same names as appear unier Neal Road on p.HS supra. (1 plus 9 previously listed)

Tobbermurry: Richard Burke, Patt Collaran [erased], Mick Collaran, James Sheridan, Ed. Sheridan, James Munahan. (6)

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