Convent School Children c1938/39

This photo was taken round about 1938-9 in Ballinrobe at the Convent of Mercy and was given to me by my mother Mary Meehan, who is in the second row in the photo.

She grew up in Cloongowla West. She has a remarkable memory and has named most of the girls (listed below) but there are a few mysteries. It would be great if anyone could fill the gaps.

Just scroll to bottom of page after list of names to see image:

Convent School Ballinrobe c. 1938

Back row L to R:

  1. Julia Groonell
  2. Delma O’Neil
  3. Peggy Sheridan
  4. Greta Burke
  5.  Patsy Mellot?
  6. Mary Wilkinson
  7. Teresa Hancock
  8. Claire Murphy

3rd row

  1. Teresa Laffey
  2. Joan O’Neil
  3. ?
  4. Brid Feerick
  5. Mary McDermott
  6. Moira Mulligan
  7. Kitty? Wilkinson
  8. ?

2nd row

  1. Una Morgan
  2. Ethel Glyn
  3. Bridie? Jennings
  4. Ruth Findley
  5. Kathleen? Cleary
  6. Grace O’Malley
  7. Ronnie Mellot
  8. Bridie Walsh?
  9. Mary Meehan

Front row

  1. Phyllis Quinn
  2. ? Riley?
  3. Kathleen Curran
  4. Phil O’Hare

Two girls on left of photo:

Mary O’Rourke and Mary Finn

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  • ChrisTina Burke was my great aunt. Her sister Catherine was my grandmother who emigrated to US in 1921. They were a family of 11. Their parents were Martin and Margaret buried in Ballinrobe. Pls contact me.

    By Stephen Miller (23/11/2022)
  • Christina Burke is my Great Aunt. Her sister was Catherine, my grandmother. I am looking to get in contact with Dale Smith. They lived on Lough Mask Road in the cottages and I know she married a Moffat and died from TB. Their parents were Martin and Margaret Burke. They are buried in Ballinrobe. They had 11 children and 3 for sure and possibly 4 died from TB at young ages. A brother William enlisted with the British Army, Connaught Rangers and was killed in Greece during WW1. Another brother fought in France (likely Connaught Rangers too). A sister Nellie (Ellen) also came to USA and I knew her also. I would love to talk to you, my cousin

    By Steve Miller (23/11/2022)
  • Thank you Hugh McTigue. I know on the Moffatt side of the family I had my Great Uncles and Aunts.

    My Great Grandfather lived at 1 Chapel Road on the 1911 census. His wife, my Great Grandmother is Bridget McInerney. I am not sure if they lived there until they passed away.


    By Dale Smith (08/04/2021)
  • I remember as a young boy there was a Moffatt family living on Creagh Road, Ballinrobe.

    Editor: Thank you Hugh, every little detail is very welcome.

    By HughMcTigue (30/05/2020)
  • My mother’s is  Kathleen Cleary also known as Mary Kate, she will be 91 on June 14th bless her.

    Editor: We wish her all the best for her birthday. 

    By Tony Welling (18/05/2020)
  • The girl Teresa Hancock is/was my aunty…

    Thank you Teresa for letting us know.

    By Teresa Hancock (22/08/2017)
  • My grandmothers name is Christina Burke; her married name is Moffat. Her husband, my grandfather, is named Michael.

    I would be so grateful if anybody knows anything. All I want is to see a photograph of my grandmother I have no idea what she looks like and my mother had no photographs of her nor has my aunt. Christina worked in a store before she became ill.

    Thank you.

    Name & e-mail with the Editor @

    By Dale Smith (07/04/2017)
  • My mother and her two sisters lived at the Convent of Mercy.

    I’m not sure what year they first arrived but I’m guessing 1939 – 1940. Their mother, my Grandmother sadly lost her life at 33 to TB in 1944, I know she suffered for 4 1/2 years before passing.

    Their names are Mary, Kathleen and Delia Moffatt. Does anybody remember them or my Grandmother. Delia was born Bridget.

    Thank you.

    By Dale Smith (06/04/2017)
  • Judy Groonell RIP was my aunty. 

    By anne groonell (30/03/2017)

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