Ode to Cocooners Everywhere

Ode to Cocooners Everywhere

I’m cocooning, cocooning,

I am safe in my cocoon,

though I’ve got no silk around me,

just a house with its few rooms,

I glide from one room to the other

several times a day,

I’ve decluttered all my wardrobes,

it helps to pass the time away.


I don’t need to wear make-up now,

I can dress in any old rags,

my mirror’s never looked in

for creases nor eye-bags,

there is liberation in isolation,

a feeling of lightness, I don’t care

what people think, because they’re not coming

to gossip or to stare.


I look out of my window

to marvel at trees and flowers,

corona has no power over them,

they give pleasure for endless hours,

birds too, building nests and feeding

and singing out their hearts,

to ease the pressure and pain of isolation,

those little minstrels play a vital part.


I can walk, or jog or cycle

round and round the house non-stop,

and when I tire of doing that,

I can line-dance till I drop,

each day I learn a new one

from You Tube, so I’m never bored,

I have mastered theTush Push, Boot Scootin Boogie,

Cowboy Hustle and I hope to learn lots more.


Painting is a wonderful hobby in isolation,

when where is nobody to judge or criticise,

tell me that my horses look like donkeys,

that my honey bees resemble flies,

writing too is therapeutic, try it,

keep a diary, write a poem,

I scribble away to my heart’s content,

take pen in hand and let the juices flow.


I can escape for a while each day

into my garden to dig and sow,

and in no time at all, after corona’s but a memory,

my lettuce and onions will begin to grow,

for those of you who do not have a garden,

you must sow in the gardens of your mind,

taking time out, meditating, being still,

re-energises, works wonders, you will find.


It’s amazing where our minds can take us, if we allow,

to memories of all those who enriched our lives,

to magical places of our childhood imaginings,

where we can dwell again with pleasure and delight,

but enough of this philosophising, back to business,

of scrubbing and cleaning I’ve almost had my fill,

my resolution for today, is to exterminate

that elusive germ, the 1% that Domestos cannot kill.


So, hunker down for now but hold heads high, cocooners,

don’t think of dying, resolve to live,

don’t let Corona depress you or defeat you,

Be strong, stay positive, you have yet so much to give.


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