Ballinrobe Surnames in 1890

This 1570 Derrick image shows a chieftain wearing a decorated leather jacket and hat, hose, square-toes shoes and a mantle. The kern (ceithearnach) wears a woollen jacket with a pleated skirt over a léine with full sleeves. He also wears hose and shoes. The horse boy wears linen or wool léine with full sleeves and roll collar but no hose or shoes.
A drawing by Albrecht Dürer in 1521 shows four men: the one on the left wears a thick, padded acton (Gaelic: cótun), worn in western Europe in the 13th-15th centuries, and still worn in Scotland and Ireland in the 16th century. The second from the left wears chain mail which has given way to plate armour in much of Europe. The man in the middle wears a mantle with a shaggy lining. The two younger men on the right wear jackets with wide sleeves. All men wear léinte (the linen shirts).
Anglo Norman Garments c 11th century included leg bandages, hooded mantles, caps, tunics, kirtles with pendant sleeves, veils, wimples and super-tunics

Surnames that could be found around Ballinrobe and Co. Mayo in general, taken from the register of civil births index of 1890 were:

·         Walsh (Breathnach – Anglo Norman)

·         Gallagher (Galloglass Clans)

·         Kelly (natives from other parts of Ireland)

·         Malley/O’Malley (Native to Co. Mayo)

·         Moran (Native to Co. Mayo)

·         Duffy  (natives from other parts of Ireland)

·         McHale (Native to Co. Mayo)

·         Gibbons (Anglo Norman)

·         Joyce (Anglo Norman)

·         Connor/O’Connor (natives from other parts of Ireland)

·         Conway (natives from other parts of Ireland)

·         Higgins (natives from other parts of Ireland)

·         Murphy (Native to Co. Mayo)

·         Burke/Bourke (Anglo Norman)

·         Reilly/O’Reilly

·         Durkan (natives from other parts of Ireland)

·         Doherty (natives from other parts of Ireland)

·         McHugh (natives from other parts of Ireland)

·         Sweeney (Galloglass Clans)

·         Lyons (natives from other parts of Ireland)

Other surnames found both in Ballinrobe and around Mayo include:

Ainsworth, Barrett, Bourke, Bowman, Breathnach (Walsh), Carney/Kearney, Cawley, Chambers, Coleman, Costello, Coyle, Dean, Devilly, Derrig, Devir, Diamond, Donnelly, Flynn, Garvin, Gildea, Gillard, Gilmartin, Grealish, Healy, Heneghan, Horan, Jennings, Jordan, Lardner, Lavelle, Lawless, Loftus, Lydon, Lynott, Macken, Maughan, Morley/O’Muraile, Mortimer, Moyles, Moylette, McDonnell, McEvilly, McGing, McLoughlin, McManus, McNally/Nally, McPhilbin, McTighe, Nolan, Ormsby, O’Boyle, O’Cleary, O’Donnell, O’Dowd, Padden, Price, Ruttledge, Sammon, Staunton, Sullivan, Swift, Thornton, Tierney, Waldron.


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  • Looking for family – Patrick Sheridan Birth 1822  Death Mar 1903,  burial Robeen Graveyard – Ballinrobe  County Mayo IRE  section B  plot  48

    His wife was Mary Barrett, daughter Catherine    

    family information/confirmation, picture from graveyard if anything available,  son Michael Sheridan came to USA

    thank you – M

    By Maureen (17/09/2022)
  • Hello!

    In 2019 I had inquired about adding “Swift” to the Ballinrobe family names. I see the editor asked for help, but the name is still not listed. I have a report from the South Mayo Family Research which lists the various Swift families that resided in Ballinrobe, which I can supply if necessary. Perhaps all the Swifts emigrated?

    Editor: I have added the name Swift to the list Anne. Perhaps some of the other families will get in touch in due course? Thank you for your interest and information.

    By Anne Deery Sheehan (22/06/2022)
  • Burke/Bourke Family      

    Can anyone help with the following:

    On August 8 1850 in Ballyovey parish, Ellen Burke married Michael Cleary aged 23, a soldier in the 17th Foot, stationed nearby. The witnesses, William Connell also in 17th Foot, aged 22 and Mary Burke married 10 days later also in Ballyovey parish. Their witnesses were Michael Cleary and Bridget Henahan. Were Ellen and Mary sisters or perhaps 1st cousins?     

    Both men served in Crimea and Canada.
    Ellen Burke Cleary died in Canada in 1885 age about 55. She had one child Caroline born in Dublin 1854, then 6 more children born in Canada. Mary Burke Connell died in Newbridge, Co.Kildare in 1884 aged about 52. She had 6 children. Both Ellen Cleary and Mary Connell named one of their daughters Ellen. Was their mother’s name Ellen?

    John O’Gorman in Canada

    Editor: Hope somebody may be able to assist with this query please?


    By JOHN O'GORMAN (02/11/2021)
  • Looking for a surname Waite/Wate or similar spelling. It may have devrived from the surname, Wade or even Ford. The Waite/Wate surname was in the Ballinrobe, Kilmaine, Neale, Clonbur, Cong areas in Co Mayo & Galway in the 1850’s. Any small bit of help would be appreacted.

    Regards, Martin Conroy.

    By Martin Conroy (25/01/2021)
  • Rutledge is buried where my great grandfather and all other families were born, Old Ballinrobe Cemetery

    By Barbara Kelly (26/06/2020)
  • My grandmother, Bridget Swift (b.1884 or 1885), was also born and raised in Ballinrobe – along with her brothers John & Hugh, and sisters Sarah & Mary.

    Editor: Thank you for adding this information; it is very helpful

    By Maddie Armato (03/01/2020)
  • Hello! My maternal grandfather John J. Swift was born in Ballinrobe in 1882. The Swifts were native to area – I have Giffith’s valuation which lists multiple Swift cousins. Was curious why that family name is not included.

    Editor: Thank you very much for the imformation. Is anybody able to help with this query please?

    By Anne Deery Sheehan (18/06/2019)
  • 2x Great Grand Uncle Adam Neale married Anne Mayne from Cong, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo

    By Barbara kelly (01/04/2019)
  • Its Lissativa Co. Sligo, that’s where my 3x Grt Grandparents Lewis Neale and children were born. Lissativa is a block long and they all attended and were buried in the old Ballinrobe cemetery of Hollymount Church. My 2x great grandparents George Evans and Susan Neale were married had children baptize, married and buried.

    Their Daughter my Great-grandmother Mary Ann Evans in 1801 immigrated to Brooklyn NY USA to marry her beloved William O’Leary who was a Wig-maker out of Dublin and married in NY because of religious reason. She was a very proud Irish woman.

    Editor: Just to clarify, the Ballinrobe Church of Ireland, is located at the heart of Ballinrobe Town & has its own graveyard attached.

    The Hollymount Church of Ireland, in Hollymount village, is about 7 miles away from Ballinrobe.

    Thank you for your very interesting additions to this site; much appreciated.


    By Barbara Kelly (30/03/2019)
  • My family names from Ballinrobe proper are George Evans R.I.C, D: 1877 Holymount Church, Ballinrobe

    Wife: Susan Neil  same area died in Main Street Ballinrobe proper and was a postmistress when her husband retired.

    My cousin married Adam Neale from Lissativa, Co.Sligo on edge of Ballinrobe, Co Mayo. Married: Anne Neale from the Cong.

    Editor: Thank you for this information, we appreciate your taking the time to add to our historical data base. Just one query is it Lissativa, Co Mayo or Sligo? Averil 

    By Barbara Kelly (24/03/2019)

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